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Why There’s More to This Social Media Nice Guy Than Meets the Eye

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Last Updated: March 17, 2023, 08:51 IST

Albie, a character from The White Lotus TV series, could have all the traits of a Pick me Boy. (Credits: AFP)

After the ‘Pick me Girl,’ who wants to stand out from other girls at all costs to attract the attention of boys, here comes the ‘Pick me Boy.’

After the “Pick me Girl,” who wants to stand out from other girls at all costs to attract the attention of boys, here comes the “Pick me Boy.” This type of guy, with a slightly manipulative side, purposely puts himself down to attract the sympathy of women. You just have to spend some time on the TikTok social network to notice the term “Pick me Boy.” With more than 480 million views on the platform, the term has become popular lately due to a wave of satirical videos posted by users about this male version of the “Pick me.” According to Urban Dictionary, the “Pick me Boy” is a guy who “uses self depreciation in a manipulative way so a girl will date him.” He will purposely and exaggeratedly say bad things about himself in order to get the girl to contradict him and give him compliments. He’s the kind of guy who makes it seem like he lacks confidence, but without the girl realizing it, he manages to get her to date him. Because if she didn’t accept a date, she would really look like a bad person. In short, he uses his supposed insecurities to get the emotional support of a girl he likes.

So, how do you recognize a “Pick me Boy”? He expresses progressive feminist views that he doesn’t really believe. He brags about being “just too nice,” while women would prefer “bad boys.” His difference makes him an outcast and a reason for rejection in the eyes of others, which makes him even more self-centered. In reality, the “Pick me Boy” is toxic and manipulative. But ultimately, just like his female counterpart, he wants constant attention and approval from members of the opposite sex. He often praises and flatters the women he is around, denigrating himself in the process.

The term, although new, is said to have its roots in the word “simp,” which originated in the gaming world and in African-American slang. The “Pick me Boy” is supposedly a variant. Like the simp, it’s a man desperate for female attention. In 2018, the term “Pick me Man” first appeared in American online magazines such as The Root, but it didn’t really become popular until 2021 on social networks.

On TikTok, thousands of videos caricature the “Pick me Boy.” One user, Kaylin Wiley, posts videos posing as a “Pick me Boy.” Wearing a hoodie, with a falsely scruffy look, she steps into the role of this insecure boy, who can’t get a girlfriend because of his extreme kindness. Meanwhile, the Acccurateantics account posts a series of videos of a character called Timothy Bichboy, “The Professional Pick Me,” who shares falsely progressive feminist opinions to attract the sympathy of women.

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