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“Whenever I watched Sai Joshi in Ghum Hai Kissi ki Pyar Mein, felt like taking up a character like it in my career,” says Divya Wagukar on playing ‘Spandana’ in Marali Manasaagide

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Actress Divya Wagukar finds a lot of similarities between her and her on-screen character ‘Spandana’ from Marali Manasagide. The actress essays a role of a bold young girl, who never shies away to call a spade a spade.

Speaking about the same in an exclusive chat with ETimes TV, Divya shares, “Spandana’s character is very close to me. I find a lot of similarities between Divya and Spandana. Firstly, both of them are devotees of lord Ganesha. I even wear a Ganesha pendant all the time. It’s been with me for quite some time now.”

She added, “I like the fact that both Spandana and Divya are not too expressive. Nevertheless, they just want to convey their opinion. So, that is another similarity. It’s like, I never want to keep any opinion inside me. I just want to say it irrespective of what others might think. I don’t like that feeling of keeping things within myself and suffer emotionally. In that way, both Spandana and Divya are very particular about it.”

Divya shares, it’s the ‘father’s love’ angle that got her close to ‘Spandana’.

“For Spandana, her Appaiah (father) means the world. Likewise, to me in real life, my father is my world. My life revolves around him. Family is everything to me. It’s a very warm feel. Besides all of this, I really want to add that both Divya and Spandana are very short-tempered. I get angry quickly in real life too,” she reveals.

On the other hand, considering the fact that Marali Manasagide is a remake of the popular Hindi soap ‘Ghum Hai Kissi ki Pyar Mein”, Divya reveals that she was an avid follower of the Hindi show and dreamt of essaying the role of Sai Joshi.

Speaking about it, the actress said, “Oh! I have to share this. I don’t know if this is a co-incidence as well. Much before I was roped in to play the role of Spandana, I always wished to essay the same character as in the Hindi show. Ghum Hai Kissi ki Pyar Mein has been my favorite show and I am an avid follower of it. I kept wondering how it would be if I ever got a chance to play a role of a young woman like Sai.”

She adds, “Whenever I watched Sai Joshi in Ghum Hai Kissi ki Pyar Mein, I felt I should take up a character like this in my career. Coincidently, Spandana from Marali Manasagide came my way. It was after my selection I got to know about the daily soap being a remake of my favorite Hindi daily soap. Little did I know my wish would be fulfilled this early.”

However, the actress shares that she looks forward to playing ‘Spandana’ in her own style.

“Well, although I have been an avid follower of the Hindi show or the same character of Spandana there, I try to add my own essence to it. I like the way the actress plays this particular character with composure and subtlety. So, I would like to just inculcate that here as well. But, apart from that, there is nothing I would want to or like to follow,” she states.

Divya Wagukar on Marali Manasaagide completing 400 episodes

“I just can’t believe we have completed 400 episodes already. It just feels like we started the show recently and I have just given my look test. But of course, 400 episodes is a huge milestone. We as a team are very happy about our show. It’s more like a comfort zone for us. It’s our happy place to work,” summed up Divya.

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