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Viral Video Shows Komodo Dragon Swallowing Whole Antelope In Seconds

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 12:38 IST

The internet users were amazed to see the nature at its rawest. (credits:
animals_powers/ Insta)

The sight of the Komodo dragon devouring the entire antelope in one gulp, with its powerful jaws, left the Instagram users stunned.

Brace yourself for some wild, raw, and uncensored nature action. This Instagram video of a Komodo dragon attacking a deer and swallowing it whole in a matter of seconds is not for the faint of heart. It’s the ultimate display of power and survival in the animal kingdom. The video starts with a Komodo dragon sinking its razor-sharp teeth into the deer’s flesh. The deer does not even seem to try to fight back. It’s no match for the dragon’s ferocious strength and venomous bite in any case. In a matter of seconds, the Komodo dragon overpowers the deer, and what happens next is truly mind-blowing. The dragon devours the entire deer in one gulp, with its powerful jaws and stretchy stomach accommodating the massive meal without breaking a sweat. It’s a spectacle that’s both terrifying and fascinating to watch.

Viewers cannot help but marvel at the Komodo dragon’s impressive survival skills. This ancient reptile has been around for millions of years, and it’s not hard to see why. Others were wondering about its powerful bite and incredible digestive system. “Must have serious acid-burning enzymes in his stomach to dissolve entire bodies,” wrote a user.

“What can beat such a beast?” another user asked.

A comment read, “It’s just nature doing its thing.”

Komodo dragons are large reptiles that have robust limbs, strong and flexible necks, and lengthy tails. They possess forked, yellow tongues, with juveniles often displaying more distinct colours and patterns than adults who have uniform, stony colours with large scales.

Komodo dragons have strong jaw and throat muscles that enable them to consume significant amounts of food quickly. They have an intramandibular hinge, which allows them to open their lower jaws widely and swallow large meat chunks with ease. Their stomachs can expand to allow them to eat up to 80 percent of their body weight, which is why there are claims of captured individuals having immense weights. When threatened, Komodos can eject the contents of their stomachs to decrease their weight and flee.

Although male Komodos are usually larger and more massive than females, there are no visible physical differences between sexes, except for slight differences in the arrangement of scales near the cloaca.

The Komodo dragon typically relies on stealth and power to hunt and can wait for hours along a game trail before attacking a large and nutritious prey, such as a deer. While most of their hunting attempts are unsuccessful, they can kill prey within a few days after biting them with their venomous saliva, and then locate the body using their keen sense of smell. Multiple Komodos often share the kill.

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