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Viral Photo Of Leopard-Human ‘Co-Existence’ Leaves Internet Terrified

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 18:38 IST

People couldn’t believe their eyes. (Image Credit : Twitter/@susantananda3)

The pic shows a man praying at a small temple situated in a rocky region. Look carefully and you can spot a leopard resting on top of the cliff.

Do you believe wild animals and humans can co-exist peacefully? A photo shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda indicates it might just be true. The picture, which was shared on the IFS officer’s Twitter handle on Thursday morning, left the Internet divided. The pic shows a man praying at a small temple situated in a rocky region. Look carefully and you can spot a leopard resting on top of the cliff. It remains unclear as to whether the man and the wild animal were aware of each other’s presence.

Susanta Nanda dropped the image with the word “co-existence” in the caption, implying that the leopard had no plans to attack the man. The events that occurred after the photo was captured also remain unknown. Take a look at the photo here:

Within hours, the picture has amassed over 21,000 views on the micro-blogging website. Some users couldn’t believe it was possible for leopards and humans to live together peacefully. Meanwhile, a section of fans was also terrified by the photo. A user wrote, “One is praying for food while the other is eyeing the food! Life’s like that.”

Another questioned what happened after the picture was taken. “Pujari ji seems to be totally oblivious about the fact that a leopard was sitting atop his head. What happened next?”

“How is this possible? A lion or tiger can leave him simply but a leopard is dangerous. It attacks immediately,” a comment read.

Some admitted they “would be terrified” if they were ever caught in a similar situation.

An individual commented about the man’s obliviousness to his surroundings. “Wow…does the man know.”

The location where the picture was captured wasn’t disclosed by the IFS officer. Several cases of humans and leopards co-existing have emerged from Mumbai’s Aarey Colony, which is right next to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Leopards have often been cited roaming around in the area.

This is not the only photo shared by Susanta Nanda that has grabbed attention. The IFS officer lauded the Indian documentary The Elephant Whisperers’ Oscar win by sharing a photo of the original “elephant whisperer”.

The photo grabbed a lot of attention on social media, with several users praising the bond between the man and the little jumbo.

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