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US President Joe Biden to Deliver State of Union Speech, Tout His Administration’s Successes

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Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 06:56 IST

Washington, United States

Joe Biden State of the Union Address: US President Joe Biden returns from a weekend at Camp David to the White House in Washington (Image: Reuters)

US President Joe Biden’s speech will focus on economic gains made under his administration in a bid to woo Americans to vote for Democrats come 2024 Presidential Elections

US President Joe Biden will address Americans on Tuesday in a State of the Union speech where he will appeal to them to unite against Republicans and build a blue-collar economy.

The excerpts of the speech from the White House were obtained by news agency AFP. Biden in his speech will say that American democracy is facing its “greatest threat since the Civil War” referring to the Republicans and Donald Trump fighting the 2024 elections.

“Or democracy remains unbowed and unbroken,” Biden is expected to say, according to the report by AFP.

Joe Biden will try to convince Americans that his administration has made the economy stronger, decreased unemployment and tackled inflation but for many Americans economic anxiety and uncertainty still exists.

He will also try to convince them that America is rebuilding its manufacturing base and old industrial communities are regaining their pride. He will also try to sell to American voters that a ‘blue collar’ economic revival is on the horizon.

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