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US Man Steals Baby Jesus From Nativity Scene Ahead of Christmas

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Christmas decorations are incomplete without the Nativity scene that depicts the birth of Jesus. A US man decided it was okay to steal the main attraction for the Nativity scene at a city square in Texas. Unfortunately for him, he was caught on CCTV cameras and now the Police are on the lookout for the man who nabbed the figurine of baby Jesus. The clip, shared by the cops, showed the man rushing up to the Nativity scene. He goes straight toward the baby Jesus figurine and grabs it by the legs before tucking it under his arm and rushing off. The cops showed a close-up shot of the man and of the car in which he escaped.

Many social media users were wondering what could have caused the man to steal the figurine. They were sure it was either because he was trying to get the figurine to someone, or he was just setting up the Nativity scene right. Either way, it did not look like a serious offence to many. Especially, since such public displays always have backup figurines.

A Twitter user wrote, “That man stole that baby with the confidence of taking back something that rightly belongs to you. Might want to investigate whoever set up this Nativity scene.”

“Forgive me, but Jesus shouldn’t really be there until after midnight this Sunday, right? Who the hell is your production designer, an atheist?” read another tweet.

A user tweeted, “Sweet Baby Jesus! I feel like you can expect his return on Christmas morning. Looks like someone takes nativity etiquette way too seriously.”

The Nativity scene has its origins dating back some 1,500 years. As expected, this tradition has changed over time. Saint Francis of Assisi is often credited with creating the first crèche. His followers believe, he evoked the birth of Jesus by setting up a manger filled with hay, an ox, and a donkey, in 1223. While it might have been the first recorded live Nativity scene, it was not the first visual depiction of Jesus’s early life.

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