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This SRK Lookalike’s Performances at Weddings, Birthday Parties are Going Viral

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Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 13:13 IST

SRK lookalike Rizwan Khan is keeping busy. (Credits: Instagram/@imsrkdon2)

SRK lookalike Rizwan Khan gets invited to perform at weddings, birthday parties and other events.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of India’s biggest superstars and with Pathaan’s mega success, there’s perhaps no better time to look like him than now. An SRK lookalike is booked and busy with invitations to perform at weddings and other events. Rizwan Khan, believed to be SRK’s ‘doppelganger’ by followers, performs at many kinds of events- from birthday parties, get-togethers to sangeet ceremonies or weddings. He has 17,000 odd followers on Instagram where he posts videos of his performances.

Say what you will, but Rizwan does have SRK’s moves down pat, even though drawing comparisons here would be like starting a mini war. It’s not all fun and games for Rizwan; while he does have quite a following, with it comes a good amount of trolling from people who claim he looks nothing like Shah Rukh.

Here’s Rizwan performing to ‘Jabra Fan’ at a sangeet event in Karnataka.

Or here’s Rizwan performing to ‘Jhoome Jo Pathaan’ at some event.

Good on Rizwan for finding a harmless way to earn an extra buck, wouldn’t you say? Ever since the ‘Pathaan’ craze took over the nation, many influencers have also hopped onto the trend, some of them gaining positive response and others, not so much.

For instance, an influencer roasted fans who have been celebrating the mega success of ‘Pathaan’ and the backlash was- predictably- pretty strong. To make matters worse, the influencer used multiple hashtags involving ‘Pathaan’ and Shah Rukh Khan while sharing her video on Twitter.

Another Instagram influencer, Sonalika Puri, recently made a video mimicking Deepika Padukone in ‘Pathaan’ and the reaction has been mixed. While some thought she nailed Deepika’s dialogue-delivery and expressions, others found it off the mark.

“Is it just me or did she not do it right? Neither the voice matched, nor the intonation, nor the pronunciation,” one Instagram user commented. “I have not even watched Pathan yet, but I can already hear this in Deepika’s voice,” said another user.

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