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The new fashion choice looks as bizarre as it sounds.

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Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 14:51 IST

This fashion trend leaves the internet in stitches. (Image source: Twitter/@ViralPosts5)

Video shows a person putting on boots with snake’s head at the front. The peculiar fashion choice has the internet laughing out loud.

Forget snake prints, these snake boots are creating a massive buzz online. The new fashion choice has left the internet in stitches. Oftentimes, people make bold fashion choices taking the risk of it being a hit or a miss with people. This person decided to wear entire snakes on their feet and it looks just as peculiar as it sounds. The clip that was first shared on TikTok was re-shared by a Twitter user. In a small video at the bottom of the clip, a person is seen reacting to this bizarre footwear trend. The person on camera wears boots that have the snake’s upright head at the front. They tie it up and stand to show the front view of the boots. Take a sneak peek yourself:

Social media users were in stitches over the footwear choice. A user left a gif of the popular American sitcom The Office character Michael Scott facepalming himself after being disappointed, another user shared the gif of Kevin Malone from the same sitcom laughing. A Twitter user wrote, “Walk the walk and talk the talk!”

“Mexicans are styling,” another user tweeted.

A tweet read, “Hope the boots bite the dude!”

Snakes seem to be taking over social media a lot these days. Recently, a Ball Python made rounds on the Internet for looking astonishingly similar to a banana. Just like a banana, this reptile had similar yellow skin and brown patches. The clip which was originally shared on YouTube shows just how eerie their similarity was. Given that the two entities belong to two very different species, the internet found it not only super weird but also impressive. The clip began with the coiled-up Ball Python next to a banana. Someone off-camera picks up the python and gives the camera a closer look at the snake. People can see how the calm reptile has a similar colouring to the fruit. They then place the snake back down, this time close to the fruit. Take a peek here:

Social media users were in awe of the snake. Some found the snake beautiful. Others remarked that it looked pretty similar to the banana it was next to. They dubbed it the “coolest morph”. Others still stated that the reptile was super calm, especially since it did not even react to being picked.

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