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The Future Prospect of On-Demand Beauty Services

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The on-demand beauty service model will provide a solid foundation for the creation of more and more jobs, particularly for women

Whether it’s stay-at-home parents, busy professionals hurrying to get ready, the flexibility, convenience of on-demand beauty services make a lot of sense

The on-demand and instant gratification economy of today has made it straightforward for consumers to access whatever professional service they require at their leisure. Whether it’s stay-at-home parents, busy professionals hurrying to get ready for an afternoon consultation, or anyone wanting to enjoy a lazy day not having to step out the door, the flexibility and convenience of on-demand beauty services make a lot of sense. What makes the concept viable now is that, in addition to providing personalized, prioritized, private, and comfortable customer experiences, the in-house service is also reasonably priced, allowing all skincare devotees to pamper themselves. While on-demand solutions have proven to be a blessing for everyone in today’s fast-paced environment, the future prospects of home-salon beauty brands are conditional on how they capitalize on and expand the framework.

Beauty of Cloud

By automating and standardizing cloud technology architectures, beauty brands have not only multiplied their versatility and adaptability, but they have also built a platform for consumer-centered innovation, which will be critical for their future growth. In fact, cloud architectures underpin nearly everything that beauty and personal care brands must do to achieve growth through hyper-personalized Omni channel D2C sales. “At its core, this is about acknowledging each client has a strikingly different set of behaviour, expectations, and preferences—and using that to stringently target the brand’s branding as well as enable individually tailored products and services. To gain traction, many home-salon brands have already enabled customers to book in-home services through their app or website, select products from specific brands or uncheck the product cost if they already have that specific item at home, and confirm the price upfront, ensuring complete transparency. In addition, advancements in digital payment and delivery systems will make on-demand beauty services more accessible than ever before,” says Mayank Arya, co-founder, Yes Madam.

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Changing Consumer Landscape

Beauty business models aren’t the sole thing evolving. Client demands and aspirations are also drastically changing. “Modern consumers want hyper-personalized products and services delivered on demand, and they are less inclined to limit their options against an available service brand. This need is particularly noticeable in the beauty and personal care industries, where customers are more likely to want the exact shade and finish that’s precisely appropriate for their unique skin tone, hair texture, or personal choice,” adds Arya. At the same time, advanced consumer-facing beauty technology is gaining popularity. Smart mirrors, smartphone applications, and virtual try-ons, for instance, will become an essential element of the consumer experience, allowing customers to test and customize beauty products before booking a specific appointment.

Empowering Beauticians

The on-demand beauty service model will provide a solid foundation for the creation of more and more jobs, particularly for women. “Beauticians who need to care for their children will no longer need to work full-time, and can work on the basis of their availability. More importantly, to standardize a large population of beauty workers, many home-salon brands will need to enable rigorous training and upskilling initiatives that can meet the growing customer expectations. In this way, the training process can shape the image of ‘the ideal worker’—resilient in their good manners and professionalism, always presentable in appearance and constantly resourceful to adjust the trends in the marketplace. Not just this, these professionals are also backed by services like insurance and loan, for the securement of their future and by reducing down the financial burden.  These services also add towards the improvement of the lifestyle and personal goals by allowing them to fulfill their basic needs of a house or a vehicle,” opines Arya.

The Pace of Innovation Accelerates

The COVID-19 crisis demonstrated, the business landscape can modify quickly, causing significant alterations to demand and supply. “Even before the pandemic, brick-and-mortar salon brands were under pressure to restructure their operations. However, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the necessity to innovate and accelerate digital transformation is even greater. Across India, consumers indicate they are likely to increase their online engagement and spending. Therefore, players in the beauty industry will need to prioritize online technologies in order to capture and convert the attention of existing and new customers. On the business side, as concerns about safety and hygiene can principally disrupt product testing and in-person consultations, the emphasis must remain on sanitization, premium product quality, and more pertinently customer satisfaction,” signs off Arya.

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