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SpiceJet Pilots, Who Had Gujiya And Beverage In Cockpit, Taken Off Roster

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 19:06 IST

The incident drew criticism on social media for endangering the lives of passengers.

The incident took place on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Guwahati on March 8, when the country was celebrating Holi.

SpiceJet has grounded its two pilots after they reportedly consumed Gujiyas and a beverage in the cockpit while flying the plane on Holi. The incident reportedly took place on March 8 on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Guwahati. The entire country was celebrating the festival of colours. Now, an image has gone viral on social media showing one of the pilots holding a Gujiya, a traditional Holi sweet, along with a beverage in a paper cup, balanced on the centre console. We could also spot another Gujiya kept near the cup.

As the image went viral, it was stated that the pilots risked the safety of the passengers. Both pilots were taken off the roster and an inquiry into the matter has been initiated, India Today reported. A spokesperson for the SpiceJet airline said that the company has a strict policy for food consumption inside the cockpit, and it has to be adhered to by all flight crew. “Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken upon completion of the investigation,” he added

Twitter has also called out SpiceJet pilots’ “appalling and extremely unprofessional behaviour.”

“Samosa and tea at 37000ft, cruising at 0.79M! Even horoscope cant save you if there is an emergency,” a user said.

Another wrote, “Difficult to imagine that such could happen in a cockpit even if on the ground, let alone if flying.”

People highlighted how the engine might have stopped functioning, had even a little liquid spilled there. “If it spills, many things can go wrong including Engine shutdown. This is a serious issue,” an individual said.

“The lack of professionalism in this cockpit is staggering. But sharing it with the world is,” read a tweet.

“Liquid around electrical yikes,” another tweeted.

What are your thoughts on the incident?

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