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Sonali Kulkarni Breaks Silence on Backlash Towards Her ‘Women Are Lazy’ Comment, Says ‘If I Caused Pain…’

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Sonali Kulkarni issues apology after being slammed for her ‘Indian women are lazy’ comment.

Sonali Kulkarni penned an apology note after her ‘Indian women are lazy’ video went viral and received massive backlash.

Sonali Kulkarni took to Instagram and issued an apology for her recent viral video in which she called Indian women ‘lazy’ and accused them of depending on their boyfriends or husbands to fulfill their needs. In a lengthy statement. Sonali said that she did not intend to other women with her statements and added that she has learned a lot from this incident. The apology was made after several women, including Urfi Javed, slammed Sonali for her opinions.

“I’m overwhelmed with the feedback I’m receiving. I would like to thank all of you, especially the entire press and media for the extremely mature conduct of connecting with me. Being a woman myself, my intention was not to hurt other women. In fact, I have extensively expressed myself time and again in support of us and what is it being a woman. I’m grateful to all of you for reaching out to me personally to appreciate or to criticize. Hope we will be able to have more open exchange of thoughts,” she wrote.

“In my capacity I am trying to think, support and share warmth not only with women, but with the entire mankind. It will be only strengthening if we women with our vulnerabilities and wisdom shine through as fair and able beings. If we are inclusive and empathetic, we will be able to create a healthier, happier place to be,” she added.

“Having said that, if unknowningly, I may have caused pain, I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. I do not thrive upon headlines neither do I want to be the center of sensational situations. I’m a diehard optimist and I strongly believe that life indeed is beautiful. Thanks for your patience and support. I have learned a lot from this incident,” Sonali concluded.

Recently, a video of Sonali from an event surfaced online in which she was heard telling the crowd that she finds Indian women ‘lazy’ because they ‘depend on their husbands or boyfriends for their own needs, without ever working for it themselves.’

“In India, we, at times, forget that a lot of women are just lazy. They want a boyfriend or a husband who earns well, owns a house, and his performance at work guarantees regular increments. But in the middle of this, women forget to take a stand for themselves. Women don’t know what they will do.” She added, “I urge everyone to encourage women and make them independent, so that they are capable enough.”

This drew major criticism from several social media users. Even Urfi slammed Sonali by saying, “How insensitive , whatever you said ! You’re calling modern day women lazy when they are handling their work as well as household chores together? What’s wrong in wanting a husband whose earning good ? Men for centuries only saw women as child vending machine and yes the main.”

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