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Samsung Responds To Fake Moon Photo Accusations

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Last Updated: March 18, 2023, 15:34 IST

Samsung defends its Space Zoom feature.

Samsung, in its statement, denied the claims and said AI enhances image quality and colours.

Every time a new technology hits the market, it is not going to impress everyone. Samsung launched its Galaxy series’ “space zoom”, in which the shots of celestial bodies like the moon are as clear as the objects close by. A Reddit user was unimpressed by this technology. Or more like in disbelief of it. In a post, he claimed that these “space zoom” shots are actually fake.

In his post, he shared, “The moon pictures from Samsung are fake. Samsung’s marketing is deceptive. It is adding detail where there is none (in this experiment, it was intentionally removed). In this article, they mention multi-frames and multi-exposures, but the reality is, it’s AI doing most of the work, not the optics.”

The user also added that Samsung claims when taking a photo, no image overlaying or texture effects are added as it could cause objects to have similar texture patterns, leading to confusion in object detection by the Scene Optimizer. Although technically correct that no texture is being applied during the process, the reality is different from all the technical language used. The texture of the moon is still being added by an AI model as a part of the process.

Now, the South Korean company has released its own official statement in regard to these claims made. In the statement, they shared that Samsung strives to provide unparalleled camera experiences in all scenarios. Beginning with the Galaxy S10, Samsung has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its cameras to assist users in capturing every memorable moment.

A significant component of this effort is the Scene Optimizer feature, which employs advanced AI to recognize objects, allowing for optimal results. Since the release of the Galaxy S21 line, Scene Optimizer has been programmed to recognize the moon as a distinct object during image capture, and the feature’s detail enhancement engine is utilized in the process.

“As part of this, Samsung developed the Scene Optimizer feature, a camera functionality which uses advanced AI to recognize objects and thus deliver the best results to users,” the statement read. “Since the introduction of the Galaxy S21 series, Scene Optimizer has been able to recognize the moon as a specific object during the photo-taking process, and applies the feature’s detail enhancement engine to the shot.”

They also mentioned that Samsung is on the path to improving Scene Optimizer. This is to reduce any potential confusion between taking a picture of the real moon versus an image of the moon. The Scene Optimizer technology is available in the Galaxy S series above the S20 model as well as all Galaxy Z Fold series.

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