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Ritviz Gets Candid About His ‘One Of A Kind’ Mimmi Album Launch Tour

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Reported By: Yatamanyu Narain

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 16:11 IST

Ritviz has been on the road with his personalised arena built specially for his Mimmi Album Launch Tour.

In an exclusive interview, Ritviz talked about his Mimmi album launch tour, the story behind the conception of his first LP and more.

The independent music maverick Ritviz has come a long way from his breakthrough song Udd Gaye that was released in 2017. Between then and now, the Darbhanga-born singer has shelled out bangers like Sage, Liggi, Barso, Jeet and his most personal and soul-searching LP ever – Mimmi – that was beautifully weaved together by him and his talented mother. While the quirky album consisting of eight songs was released last year, Ritviz has been on a one-of-a-kind album launch tour spanning major cities like Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore to celebrate the spirit of independent music. While his last stop was Pune, the talented composer is all set to bring his travelling extravaganza to Mumbai on March 18.

In an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha, Ritviz revealed why the Mimmi Album launch tour is one of a kind. He shared, “The arena that we’ve built specifically for these concerts is huge and it takes you deeper into the world of Mimmi. One could expect the experience to be surreal and other-wordly since we’ve employed some tantalizing audio-visual elements to accentuate the atmosphere. It’s bound to be memorable, spectacular and fascinating. It’s a celebration in the truest sense.”

The word ‘Mimmi’ that loosely translates to how he refers to her mother is a befitting ode to her and all the mothers that are there. As he describes it as his ‘most personal piece of work’, the album aptly encapsulates some fleeting memories from his childhood. It is an insightful journey of the artist and draws a parallel between the adult version of him and his childhood self. Right from his search for that unconditional love that he received as a growing up kid to craving and navigating the same as an. It’s his journey and quest for unconditional love which eventually leads him to the realm of realisation. And in all of that, Ritviz’s mother plays a pivotal part.

When asked about his first album Mimmi and how he conceptualized it, Ritviz shared, “It presents a vulnerable side of me, a new sound basically. It came to life during the peak of the pandemic. I used to have conversations about life and it’s myriad layers in the morning with my mother and that somehow used to act as a base for my sounds that I would work on during night. It was in Goa and basically a mother-son conversation while having a cup of tea. So Mimmi was collectively written by me and my mother in a span of three months which was surprising for many since they have observed that I usually take my sweet time to produce music. But it certainly is a tribute to my parents who supported me and shielded me throughout my musical exploration.”

While Ritviz’s soundscapes never fail to hit the trending charts, the singer doesn’t feel that the pressure to maintain a streak of consistency ever comes in the way of how he envisions or approaches his music. The musical maverick explains, “My music is for the listeners to relish and devour. But the process of creating music itself is a very personal process. I do it with honesty and tenacity to the melodies. So the whole ‘trending’ thing doesn’t act as a deterrent for my creative abilities as long as my music connects with the listeners. For example, some people might not connect with Mimmi as it is different from all my previous sounds but regardless it will cultivate a new audience, a new set of listeners.”

Ritviz’s music, though borrows heavily from electronic elements, does have a penchant for incorporating Hindustani Classical quirks in their tracks. The occasional use of tabla or ‘murkiyas’ in his vocal style and the layers of bandish-style compositions like Barso is a testament to that. When asked whether Hindustani Classical influence sub-consciously bleeds into his body of work or if it is something that he willingly incorporates, Ritviz answered, “I have been exposed to Hindustani Classical music from an early age. Observing my mother during her riyaaz sessions and my father playing tabla, it sort of alleviated by taste for this genre. And then I went on to academically pursue khayaal gayaki, Dhrupad-Dhamaar. So the Hindustani Classical influence comes naturally in my composition. In addition to that, I was also exposed to the music of the west everything from Hip Hop to Pop. So the exposure to both worlds sort of built a conduit and a confluence that is reflected in my music. I don’t necessarily mount my songs on a canvas or actively think about what should go into my compositions. It’s all sub-consciously organic.”

While Ritviz enjoys a massive following and his songs are loved by many, the 26 years old singer also finds himself in the purview of criticism for producing songs that are phonetically similar to one another. Reacting in such criticisms, Ritviz explained, “Criticism is a part and parcel of the game. People not necessarily understanding what I want to convey with my music can end up in a disconnect. Secondly, owing to the peculiar nature of my music, people assuming that my songs sound similar is a compliment since there are no other Indian musicians that satiate that yardstick. So I don’t take it personally. I just exude honesty in my music in hopes to get through my listeners.”

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