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Real Or Fake? The Viral Moon Phase Compatibility Test Everyone’s Talking About

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Last Updated: March 18, 2023, 11:17 IST

Can you rely on this compatibility test?

The trend says if the moon phase on your and your partner’s birth dates forms a ‘perfect’ full moon, then you are made for each other.

Are you tired of swiping left and right to find the perfect one for you? Turns out so are many other people. That is why they are channelling the power of the ever-romanticized celestial body, the moon, to find their soulmate. In a viral TikTok trend that has got everyone talking, people are now claiming to find their soulmate based on the phases of the moon. It comes as no surprise since “match made in heaven” is a thing and the moon with its mystical presence is the perfect celestial body to channel all those mushy fantasies that we almost always only read about in romantic novels.

How does this trend work? Users find the phases of the moon on their birth date and the birth date of their partners. They then place the results together. If it makes a complete moon, you have found your one true love. Many TikTok users have filmed the entire process alongside their partners. While it does sound romantic, it also seems too simple to be true.

“The moon phase soulmate trend is old wine in new bottles. It’s obviously a twist on astrological sun signs but has removed some of those trappings, maybe to give it a sense of scientific legitimacy,” Ben Radford, deputy editor of the Skeptical Inquirer science magazine and author, told via email. “This trend plays into magical thinking and provides some psychological comfort. This has all the hallmarks of a typical TikTok trend, including making a game out of something that is personal and relevant to users — such as a name, home city, face, or birthdate.”

Ben Radford also makes a point that if people seriously believe in these trends, it is likely to not have a good result. They might potentially miss out on a great relationship if their moon phase doesn’t end up matching. Even worse, they might end up getting into a horrible relationship if it does match. also explained that NASA reported that the moon goes through eight phases, including the new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent. This suggests that if these phases are the only criteria used to determine soulmate compatibility, then there should only be eight distinct categories of people.

The soulmate technique involves combining the four possible combinations of these phases to create a “whole moon,” including the new moon and full moon, third quarter moon and first quarter moon, waning gibbous and waxing crescent, and waning crescent and waxing gibbous.

With a global population of around 8 billion people, if each category is only compatible with one other category, then each person should have roughly one billion possible soulmates, rendering the need for a soulmate-finding app unnecessary.

Additionally, the technique’s reliance on moon phases presents a problem, as which side of the moon is illuminated during each phase depends on where on Earth a person is located. Despite the flaws in this technique, some TikTok users claim to have found their soulmates through it, but this may be due to the tendency of happy couples to share their successful results rather than those who are dissatisfied with their matches.

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