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Priya Malik’s Take on Why Breakups are Good Goes Viral, Sparks Debate on Twitter

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Priya Malik’s take on breakups divides Twitter. (Credits: Via Instagram/@priyasometimes)

Priya Malik’s take on why it’s good to have breakups is going viral and it has divided Twitter.

Priya Malik (of Bigg Boss fame) performs slam poetry and many of her pieces have gone viral in the past. She has also been roasted over some of them. Currently, she is getting dragged on Twitter over a statement she made about breakups during an interview, which people have been divided over. While some people agreed with her take on breakups and life lessons, others opined that it didn’t make sense.

In the clip, Priya said, “I always tells people it is good to have breakups because it teaches you the most important thing in life which is- it’s easy to know what you want in life, but it is harder to know what you don’t want in life. Breakups and bad experiences, being bad lovers or other people being bad lovers to you will teach you so much about what you don’t want or what you don’t want to be or who you don’t want to be.”

Here’s the video of Priya Malik’s take on breakups:

So are you swiping right or left on this dating advice?

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