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Man Receives Flak For Putting Toilet Seat Cover In Dishwasher

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Last Updated: March 17, 2023, 17:25 IST

Man puts toilet seat cover in dishwasher with dirty plates. (Representative Image)

In the clip, a man removes his toilet seat before loading it into the dishwasher for a quick rinse.

A TikTok influencer is being criticised after he shared a video of washing their toilet seat cover in the dishwasher. A 12-second short clip shared by Alison Koroly shows her husband ejecting their toilet seat cover only to put it inside their kitchen’s dishwasher. What left internet users more disgusted was that the toilet seat was added when the machine contained other vessels including plates and glasses. The video ends quickly after the seat is inserted inside the electronic device.

During an interaction with the New York Post, Alison clarified that they did not really wash their toilet seat in the dishwasher. She claimed it was merely a part of a comedy sketch. While explaining her goal, she told the portal that the family participates in light-hearted pranks just to make people laugh.

“Our goal is to create entertaining content that people would laugh at and find fun and funny, and lighthearted,” she said. The TikTok video has reportedly gained over 1.9 million views within a span of three days. Though the influencer has clarified they did not wash their toilet seat inside the dishwasher, it hasn’t stopped people from expressing their revolting thoughts in the comment section. A user seemingly commented, “You can’t eat at everybody’s house.” Another added, “That’s just great, give a whole new meaning to the expression ‘don’t s–t where u eat.”

Previously, a TikTok user’s choice of picking reusable toilet cloth rolls over toilet paper generated a similar response from multiple users. In the video, the TikToker displayed her washroom setup while pointing to a basket placed just above the toilet seat. “This is a basket of clean wipes – mostly flannel cut from old Christmas pyjamas,” said the woman. She explained that she uses the cloth wipes after using the washroom to pat her dry and then throws them into a separate dustbin.

The TikToker said that she washes the reusable cloth frequently to maintain hygiene. She admitted it would be disgusting to use the wipes for multiple bathroom sessions and she makes sure to clean them after a single use. However, her husband is not so supportive of her idea, hence there’s also a toilet paper roll instated in their washroom.

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