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Jeremy Renner Shares Nephew’s Touching Note On Instagram

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Last Updated: March 16, 2023, 17:19 IST

Jeremy Renner shares handwritten note from his nephew Auggie. (credits: Insta/Jeremy Renner)

Jeremy Renner suffered major chest trauma and broke 30 bones after being crushed by his own snow plough on New Year’s Day.

Jeremy Renner, the Hawkeye actor, has been sharing updates on his recovery following his January 1 snow plough accident. Jeremy Renner was hospitalized due to blunt chest trauma and orthopaedic injuries after being run over by his snow plough. The accident was caused by Jeremy driving a Sno-Cat, a heavy-duty snow removal machine that weighs over 14,000 pounds. The actor had previously shared that broke more than 30 bones as a result of the accident. In a tweet, the Marvel star thanked his fans and loved ones for their messages and thoughtfulness. He also expressed confidence that his bones will mend and grow stronger, just like his relationships with family and friends will deepen.

Turns out it is true indeed, he took to Instagram to share a touching message from his young nephew, Auggie. In the letter, Auggie expressed how lucky he was to have a superhero uncle like Hawkeye and how grateful he was that the two-time Oscar nominee had survived the accident. The note read, “I am very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye (which is one of the Avengers). I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive from his accident.”

Jeremy Renner expressed his love for his nephew in the Instagram caption. It read, “Love my little man. Bless you, Auggie,” showing the world the close bond that he shares with his nephew. The sweet gesture was a reminder that even the biggest stars in the world are just like us – with families, loved ones, and people who care about them deeply.

But that was not the only Instagram Story that Jeremy Renner shared to showcase how he was feeling about the adorable note. The 52-year-old also posted a snap of two stuffed sloths. If the stuffed toys weren’t cute enough, what Jeremy wrote alongside would make anyone smile from ear to ear. The caption read, “My inside feelings.”

On Tuesday, Disney+ released a preview of Jeremy Renner’s new series about transforming old vehicles, titled “Rennervations”. The docuseries, which consists of four parts, will premiere on April 12, as announced by Disney, reported Los Angeles Times. Despite suffering severe injuries in a snowplough accident two months ago, Renner reassured fans that he will be “coming back very soon”. The series was filmed prior to Renner’s accident and features the Marvel star and his business partner Rory Millikin as they refurbish retired vehicles and donate them to various charitable organizations globally.

The upcoming vehicle makeover show will have four episodes set in different locations. In one episode set in India, Renner collaborates with actor Anil Kapoor, who co-starred with him in Mission: Impossible, to refurbish a delivery truck into a portable water-treatment unit.

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