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Here are the four most bizarre things stolen in India.

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Last Updated: February 08, 2023, 18:04 IST

A group of thieves was able to steal an entire mobile tower in the Sabzi Bagh in Patna. (Representative image)

From roads to mobile towers, India has seen some peculiar cases of theft.

India is no stranger to peculiar things happening all around. Yet nothing beats the tales of thefts that happen in the country. While thefts and burglary are quite common all around the world, India has witnessed some of the most peculiar cases of it. Imagine an entire mobile tower disappearing without anyone’s notice. Worse, watching an entire theft taking place in front of you without ever realizing what is happening until it is too late. Take a look at the four most bizarre things that have been stolen in India. It includes a simple but astonishing theft of a 29-foot tall mobile tower to taking away a sixty-foot iron bridge.

Two-Kilometer Long Rail Track

This incident was reported in Bihar’s Samastipur district. The stolen track connected the Lohat sugar mill with the Pandaul railway station. This bizarre theft took place because the sugar mill had been shut down for the past few years. Since there was no movement on the route, it was easy for the burglars to get away with it. Samastipur DRM constituted a team to investigate the incident. Sources said that the theft was carried out in “connivance” with RPF personnel. Two Railway Protection Force employees have been suspended due to their connection with the case.

29-Feet Tall Mobile Tower

A group of thieves was able to steal an entire mobile tower in the Sabzi Bagh in Patna. The mobile tower was installed in 2006 by the service provider company AIRCEL, reported CNBCTV18. This tower was then sold to GTL company PVT LTD. Using the guise of telecom company employees, the robbers uprooted a 29-foot telecom tower. During a recent inspection of the mobile towers, this bizarre incident came to light. When the 5G services were launched, the telecom firm technicians came to perform a review of the mobile towers. That is when it was discovered their mobile tower and its equipment were missing.

60-Feet Iron Bridge

You need not look further to find the most peculiar and probably one of the most daring theft. A full-size iron bridge has gone missing in Rohtas district in Bihar. A gang of thieves managed to steal a 60-foot defunct iron bridge. They had posed as officers of the state Irrigation Department. Using gas cutters and earth mover machines the burglars demolished the bridge and take away the scrap metal in three days. What is more interesting about the theft is that the villagers watched gleefully as all of this way unfolding right in front of them. They had already been successful in their theft before anyone wrapped their head around the situation, reported The Hindu.

One-Kilometer Long Road

Nothing can beat the theft of a road. In a remote village in the Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh, an entire one-kilometre stretch of a road reportedly disappeared overnight. Deputy Sarpanch and locals of the village reached the local police station in Manjholi in the morning to lodge a complaint about this peculiar theft. Their claims were that the road had been there until the previous day but disappeared overnight. They also mentioned that the patch is not commutable in the monsoon. This is not your unusual case of theft. The locals of the area had used this unusual method to bring to people’s notice the corruption that had been going on.

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