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Chinmayi Sripada Schools Internet on Misconception About Women’s Virginity

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Fans applauded how her courage to address the wrong notions prevalent in society about female pleasure and their bodies.

Chinmayi spoke on how some insecure men still praise and celebrate virgin women.

Singer Chinmayi Sripada is one of those exceptionally courageous women who have never hesitated from being vocal about women’s rights. She was appreciated for having the guts to call out lyricist Vairamuthu, who allegedly sexually assaulted her. Recently, she shared her opinion about a topic, which is considered taboo by most people. The topic is how women are still being praised by some insecure men for being virgins. Chinmayi addressed this issue by sharing a clip on Instagram.

According to Chinmayi, these women who are celebrated as virgins for bleeding on having sexual intercourse first time must be suffering from major medical problems. She said that instead of being celebrated and applauded by some misogynistic men, these women should immediately seek medical treatment. She also added that women should not feel apprehensive to openly talk about such matters. This can open up a lot of solutions for them.

Chinmayi further added that if women are bleeding during sexual intercourse for the first time, then it means that they are not lubricated enough. Keeping this in mind, it can be concluded that these women are not prepared for sex and they should seek medical help and treatment. According to her, people should not seek knowledge about sex from pornographic films, as they are based on misconceptions. There is a lot of difference between sexual intercourse shown in adult films and reality, which, if not understood, can cause a host of problems for couples. Chinmayi also said that porn addiction is an important issue and requires psychological intervention for proper treatment.

Fans applauded how her courage to address the wrong notions prevalent in society about female pleasure and their bodies. A follower commented that some girls are not comfortable enough to talk about these issues. The fan wrote that there are a lot of specialists and books to address these issues regarding women. The social media user also pointed out that some meme pages should stop disgracing these issues. Some men even apologised in the comments section for having wrong notions about these problems.

This clip in which Chinmayi addressed the problem of virginity has garnered more than 4,00,000 views.

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