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Brewery Owner Attacked While Filming Promo Video; Watch Here

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Last Updated: March 17, 2023, 18:27 IST

Robert Szajnuk owns Big Bottom Brewery in Pennsylvania.

Social media users criticised the customer for lunging at the owner.

Marketing is the making or breaking point of any organization. People go to great lengths to make their businesses stand out from the crowd. Yet when Robert William Szajnuk, the owner of a brewery in Pennsylvania, decided to pull out his camera to film the venue, he had nothing crazy in mind. In fact, he was just trying to get some footage of his pretty occupied space. It was great content for promotion. That is until a patron lunged at him and the camera he was holding. He was later escorted out of the cafe. The clip was first shared on his TikTok handle and later on Twitter by media portal NowThis.

It looks like your average footage of a brewery. People are sitting around, having a good time. The camera pans and when it reaches a certain group of people sitting in a booth, a man lunges at Robert. The tweet read, “Robert William Szajnuk, the owner of a brewery in Pennsylvania, was seemingly attacked while trying to record a promo video on March 11. The video, that now has more than 6.9 million views on TikTok, shows a patron suddenly lunging at him. The customer was later escorted out.”

Social media users were divided in their opinion about why the man reacted the way he did. While for some, it seemed the man might be trying to hide something, others remarked that perhaps he did not expect to be recorded in the way he was being recorded. A user wrote, “It’s kind of like a horror movie jump scare.”

“I bet he was there with another person and didn’t want his wife to find out,” read another tweet.

Another tweet read, “I wonder if there is a sign at the entrance saying entry equals consent to be recorded for promotional purposes or if the patrons signed a release. One can expect to be on surveillance footage, but not in a commercial. Not condoning the patron’s action in any way, just musing.”

In 2006, Robert and Pamela Szajnuk bought Al’s of Dillsburg franchise to offer their customers a better experience with liquor. In 2017, they began brewing beer on-site as Big Bottom Brewery, offering 6-10 house brews among the 40 on tap. Their beers are now sold in other locations as well. They also updated the image of the pizza shop, transforming it into a full-fledged brewery. The brewery takes pride in providing great customer service, quality beer and food, and a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere.

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