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Biden Focuses on Economic Growth, ‘Make in America’ in His State of the Union Speech

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President Joe Biden delivers the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress at the US Capitol (Image: Reuters)

The second state of the union speech focused more on economy and less on culture wars because Biden knows Americans will focus on the former come 2024 elections

US President Joe Biden told the US Congress that the State of the Union is ‘stronger’ under his administration. In his second state of the union speech the US President focused on his administration’s economic achievements and reforms and infrastructure – all of these being crucial points ahead of the 2024 elections.

Biden also spoke about abortion, border and the immigration crisis, rising fentanyl deaths and gun violence. The US President also targeted Republicans over Medicare and Social Security.

“The full faith and credit of the United States of America will never, ever be questioned. Some of my Republican friends want to take the economy hostage unless I agree to their economic plans,” Biden said.

He accused Republicans of trying to threaten Medicare and Social Security safety nets provided by the government and urged Congress to keep voting for these benefits.

“Instead of making the wealthy pay their fair share, some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset every five years.That means if Congress doesn’t vote to keep them, those programs will go away,” Biden said.

“Republicans say if we don’t cut Social Security and Medicare, they’ll let America default on its debt for the first time in our history. I won’t let that happen,” he said.

Some parts of his speech were met with raucous applause from members of his own party and also received bipartisan support but in some cases there were jeers from the Republicans – and they were quietened by US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (seated with vice president Kamala Harris behind Biden’s podium).

“Inflation has been a global problem because of the pandemic that disrupted supply chains and Putin’s war that disrupted energy and food supplies. But we’re better positioned than any country on Earth. We have more to do, but here at home, inflation is coming down,” Biden said, pointing out that gas prices have cooled by $1.50 a gallon since their peak and food inflation has slowed down.

Natalie Sherman, BBC reporter, in the news agency’s report pointed out that inflation may have reduced but it remains farther than the 2% rate considered healthy.

Biden also spoke about unionising workers and increasing wages. “30 million workers had to sign non-compete agreements when they took a job. So a cashier at a burger place can’t cross the street to take the same job at another burger place to make a couple bucks more,” Biden said.

He urged the US Congress to ban these agreements and force companies to compete for workers and pay them what they deserve.

In a soft push to his expected 2024 reelection bid, Biden pushed the idea of ‘Make in America’ and ‘Buy in America’. He said his administration will ensure that “American roads, American bridges, and American highways will be made with American products.”

“We’re building an economy where no one is left behind. Jobs are coming back, pride is coming back, because of the choices we made in the last two years. This is a blue-collar blueprint to rebuild America and make a real difference in your lives,” Biden said.

Biden mentioned the border crisis, rising fentanyl deaths, abortion rights and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping but boos from Republicans meant that they expected the President to elaborate further on these issues.

Though Biden thanked the Republicans for bipartisan support over several issues, he said that the opposition is trying to take the economy hostage – referring to the US debt ceiling raising discussions he held with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the Republicans – who now have control over the House.

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