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Bengaluru Landlords Ask For LinkedIn Profiles, Write-Ups And More From Tenants

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Last Updated: March 18, 2023, 15:22 IST

Landlord asks a potential tenant to submit a write-up.

When it comes to house hunting in Bengaluru, you might require to submit LinkedIn profile links, pay slips and even write-ups. Don’t believe us? Scroll below.

High demand and low supply of residential rental units is a trend noticed in most tier-1 Indian cities. In the country’s own Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, homeowners looking to rent their place have developed some advanced “shortlisting procedures” to filter tenants. Gone are the days when a simple Photo ID proof and some photographs for police verification were all one needed to sign the tenants’ lease. LinkedIn profile links, pay slips, and even write-ups are becoming common asks. Homeowners might just take over the “HR” acronym from Human Resources personnel.

One Bengaluru man, on his 12th day of househunting, shared the bizarre demands house owners had to vet the tenant. A screenshot shared on Twitter shows this user’s interaction with his broker.

The broker, who has sent pictures of the house, says it is a 2BHK spread over 2500 square feet. The rent, he says, is a whopping Rs 75,000. The tenants would also have to pay 5 months’ rent (Rs 3.75 lakh) as a deposit. Both these values are only slightly negotiable, he said.

But wait, it gets better. The broker informs the original poster, Goutham, that the owner is asking for his profile! One can see that Goutham has sent his LinkedIn profile ID to the broker for the homeowner’s kind perusal.

Another screenshot Goutham shared in the tweet’s thread showed a different broker asking him for a write-up about himself.

The original tweet has accrued over 138,000 views so far. Some people in the comments section wrote about how this is a common practice, not just in Bengaluru but in other parts of the country as well.

Others, however, found it excessive and made jokes about how ridiculously fine-tuned the process is becoming.

“Thankfully he didn’t ask for the CV,” quipped one, while another shared, “Indiranagar hiring challenge will be a thing soon.”

Yet another person could relate. “Same happened with me. They’re took proper interview (HR round),” they said.

This story has somewhat of a happy element in it, too, though. The tweet going viral led to people who could help with the issue reaching out to Goutham. From brokers to those looking for flatmates, dropped a message in the comments section.

Twitter-fueled cooperation might be the unique way one beats the challenges of househunting in Bengaluru.

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