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5 Planets Are Going To Be Visible From Earth At The Same Time

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Last Updated: March 17, 2023, 10:56 IST

This rare moment is a real treat to the stargazers. (Representative Image)

All you need to do to witness this magical moment is get yourself a good pair of binoculars and find a nice spot to observe the planets.

Mark the date stargazers, as you are going to witness an event of a lifetime. On March 28, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will gather together in the sky in a small 50-degree sector. Unilad reported that the educational astronomy app Star Walk has let all astronomy geeks know that they need to get their binoculars out and start observations soon after sunset to see Jupiter on a magnitude of -2.1. Mercury will be visible on a magnitude of -1.3 from the horizon. What will this look like? Well, something like “two bright objects” in the constellation of Pisces.

But that is not all for the stargazers. You are in for a real treat. If you go a little Higher up in the sky on that day, alongside the Aries constellation, Venus will be visible with a magnitude of -4.0. Though Uranus will not be as easy to spot, with a magnitude of 5.8. Though if you don’t want to miss this cosmic event of a lifetime, get yourself some strong binoculars and a good spot and you will be good to go. And while you are at it, try spotting Mars too, which might turn out to be just as hard. It will join the alignment higher up near the Moon. This planet will be visible in the constellation of Gemini.

For anyone who is upset that they might miss the cosmic event on March 28, fret not. While it might be the best day to see these planets coming together, in case you miss them, using a telescope is all you need to observe them for a few days after too.

Turns out people were super excited about this cosmic alignment. Many shared that they wanted more information to be able to witness this event. Others expressed their discontent at perhaps missing it due to poor weather conditions. “I love these things — but living near cloudy Seattle, they are hardly ever visible. However, I will imagine how wonderful it is,” an Instagram user wrote.

Another comment read, “Bloody weather better clear. Can barely see across the street due to rain.” A user wanted more information: “From where? All the parts of the world? Night? Day? Can we have more details, please.”

Star Walk also explained that when planets come together like this while they do form a line, it is not perfectly straight. This is because our planets orbit the Sun in almost the same plane. Due to this, the planets we are viewing from Earth look to travel along the ecliptic, which is the Sun’s yearly path across the sky.

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